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GeaCAD is the turbo for Electrotechnical GstarCAD Drawers. It's an application that offers new features that save you a minimum of 50% time on signing installation drawings. It has special search features and a unique way to quickly get an overview or present information separately

GeaCAD is available as an annual license for a standalone or network version. This includes at least 1 update and support via mail. Other support is available and another license period may be available.

Multiple or single menu selection of functions or symbols

- 2BIM, The most powerful drawing of this time, for placing symbols

- Filter functions for symbols on all the perceptible characteristics of a symbol

- Find function for function and symbols throughout the application

- Correct attribute positions of a whole drawing in 4 clicks

- All viewpoints in all layouts by locking 1 button

- Split the drawing into layouts at mounting heights

- Print drawings with everything thin and single cabinet: ... thickly printed

- Palette menu is large in size, depending on the symbols / part drawings used

Enlargement in this version:

With sym-sym you easily translate a symbol into another symbol. As all symbols convert from Nordined to StabiCAD. This keeps the data contained in the attributes.

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CP-Symbols Mechanical
  • Language
  • Dutch and English
  • Required
  • Windows
  • Size
  • 521b
  • Released
  • 2019-04-04
CP-Symbols Mechanical
CP-Symbols Mechanical
CP-Symbols Mechanical
CP-Symbols Mechanical

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