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GstarCAD for Linux overview


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Houseplan Overview

Houseplan is a powerful, easy-to-learn, lightweight and compatible 3D modeling and real-time rendering ...

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Create a villa with Advanced Modeling tools in Houseplan

Create a villa with tools in the advanced modeling Palette conveniently and quickly, and render in real time.

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Design a Hospital Campus in Houseplan

Design a big hospital campus with power tools in Houseplan, as well as add animations.

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Quickly Model and Render a villa in Houseplan

Design a villa with tools in Houseplan quickly ,render in real time and output the results in many ways.

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GstarCAD 2022 Overview

In GstarCAD 2022, the plot functionalities are significantly improved, making plotting effects more precise and accurate. An upgraded raster engine has been integrated and enables more image formats, even 1 billion pixels images can be correctly attached, previewed, modified and plotted. Beyond, GstarCAD 2022 offers a plethora of other new and improved tools to help maximize your productivity.

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The New Features General in GstarCAD 2021

Point Cloud, Tool Palette improvement, 3D improvement, Quick Measure all in GstarCAD 2021

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New Feature In GstarCAD 2021: Rapid Dist

GstarCAD 2021 supports new RAPIDDIST command, which measures distance and angle between 2D objects along X, Y axis rapidly by moving your mouse.

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New 3D Functionality In GstarCAD 2021- CONVTONURBS

GstarCAD 2021 supports CONVTONURBS command, which allows to NURBS to convert solids and procedural surfaces to NURBS surfaces.

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New 3D Functionality In GstarCAD 2021- PLANESURF

GstarCAD 2021 supports PLANESURF command, which allows to create a planar surface by selecting closed objects or specifying the opposite corners of a rectangular surface.

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