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To expand the market for your applications, just port to GstarCAD!

Why port your applications to GstarCAD
Tired of exorbitant pricing and strict licensing policies of the other CAD vendors?
Tired of frequently upgrade your application because subscription policy of other CAD vendors?
To expand the market for your applications, just port to GstarCAD!
GstarCAD offers a compatible development environment which allows you to port your AutoCAD® based or other alternative CAD based applications or programs easily, even without having to modify any source code. Meanwhile, GstarCAD technical team is ready to provide you professional and timely support to any problem you may face during the porting process.
  • Programming languages
    GstarCAD supports multiple programming languages like LISP, C/C++, VB/VBA, .NET, etc. Meanwhile, GstarCAD offers several APIs like COM and GRX.
  • Compatibility
    LISP or VBA application programs can directly run in GstarCAD without any modification. ARX or .NET application programs just need small modification and re-compiled with GstarCAD environment via code-compatible SDK.
  • Technical Support
    GstarCAD technical team provides full technical support to application porting. You can directly communicate us to solve your problems at any time.
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  • Developer Reference
  • Basic documentation to help you load and run your applications on GstarCAD.
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  • GstarCAD SDK
  • Detail documentation with all the Demos and APIs help you start your development.
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